by: Dan Michael M. Abarca


           Computer Systems Servicing (CSS) is one of the specializations available in TLE-ICT in junior high and in the ICT strand in senior high school. This course is designed to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of a Computer Service Technician in accordance with industry standards. It includes common and core competencies that will assist students in gaining the technical skills necessary to achieve a national certificate. Many students would pick this specialization because of their desire for modernization, which requires the use of computers and their systems.          

         There were four core competencies in CSS. This includes installing and configuring computer systems, setting-up computer networks, setting-up computer servers, and maintaining/repairing computer systems and networks. In installing and configuring computer system competency, the students are expected to assemble/disassemble computer hardware, prepare installer, install the operating system and drivers for peripheral /devices, install application software, and conduct testing and documentation. In setting-up computer network competency, on the other hand, students are expected to install network cables, set network configuration, set router/Wi-Fi wireless access point/repeater configuration, and inspect and test configured computer networks. To set up user access, configure network services, perform testing, documentation, and pre-deployment procedures are the expected learning outcomes for setting-up computer server competency. Lastly, in maintaining/repairing computer systems and networks, students are expected to plan and prepare for maintenance and repair, maintain computer systems and networks, diagnose faults of computer systems and networks, and inspect/test the computer systems and networks.              

           A specialization in Computer System Servicing, combined with a certificate and/or professional experience, makes one a professional in this field. Common careers include working as a Computer Service Technician, Computer Network Serviceman, and Peripheral Service Technician.